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1. Porcelain (glass) composite insulator has a large creeping distance, enhanced anti-fouling ability, reduced insulator number, reduced string length, reduced tower height, saved steel 20%, saved 10% floor area, and effectively solved the problem of insufficient ground-to-ground distance in adjusting climbing.

2. Avoid the power loss caused by power grid enterprises and industrial and agricultural power loss.

3. Solve the maintenance of maintenance personnel in traffic inconvenience, high mountains and other bad conditions for porcelain bottle maintenance difficulties.

4. Avoid personal accident in line maintenance operation.

5. Reduce a large number of maintenance personnel and capital input required for line maintenance, and reduce the operation cost.

Parameter Tables

Disc Suspension Porcelain (Glass) Composite Insulator

Download files:Parameters of disk suspended porcelain (glass) composite insulator(Click Download)

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