All kinds of past glories have created the quality of steel all over the body and the current gorgeous transformation has achieved the great ambition of SHAIQI staff. SHANQI Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is the only specialized factory designated by the former Ministry of machinery industry to produce gantry crane in Shandong Province and it has been engaged in crane design, development and manufacturing for more than 50 years of technical accumulation and good reputation in the industry. After the enterprise system reform, it has realized the self-breakthrough from quantitative change to qualitative change, bringing the development of the company into a new prospect.

Located in Qingzhou City, Shandong, the enterprise rises abruptly based on its accumulated strength. Looking back on the past years, it has gone through the thick and thin, created a new life and gained the glory. After plenty of ups and downs, it finally gets Nirvana rebirth, which is inseparable from the solidarity of every SHANQI people, the support and help of partners, and even the supervision and guidance of governments at all levels. Behind this brand, it bears the history of 52 years of hard work, the entrepreneurial passion of hundreds of employees, and the dream of industrial development made by several generations of SHANQI people. We deeply know that we have much to do and a long way to go! Reminders are given at every moment: cherish the hard-won development environment, the good situation created by the sweat and blood of our colleagues, and the rare opportunity to realize and enhance self-value!

We carefully study and fully understand the spirit of the policy, in-depth investigation and comprehensive analysis of market dynamics, and carefully absorb and vigorously cultivate professional talents are the root of SHANQI's development. Besides, we have always been committed to creating the most competitive first-class hoisting machinery enterprises. Today, the company's annual output value has reached 400 million RMB, covering an area of about 600,000 square meters. Its subsidiary companies are No.1 structural branch factory, No.3 structural branch factory, No.4 structural branch factory, machinery branch factory, electrical branch factory and the material preparation branch factory. It produces all kinds of lifting and handling equipment, with an annual throughput of 23,000 tons of steel, and has 19 series of products with more than 1,000 specifications.

Over the years, SHANQI has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "leading quality, winning development, building first-class industry and serving the country". Now, it has established and improved the quality assurance system of the whole industry chain from crane design, research and development, production and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and after-sales service. At present, it has developed into the largest bridge and gantry lifting equipment manufacturer in East China and is a complete set of solution supplier.

SHANQI is committed to tackling key problems related to the research and development of lifting technology and industrialization, actively participating in the preparation of industry standards and increasing the R&D and manufacturing of high-end intelligent equipment. Since 2009, it has undertaken 1 national key research project, participated in 1 national key research project, 13 provincial and ministerial-level technological innovation projects, and 11 of them have passed the achievement appraisal of provincial and municipal science and technology departments. It has been awarded the title of "Shandong Famous Brand, Shandong Famous Trademark, China Famous Trademark, National Contract Abiding and Credit Enterprise".

With strong technical force, effective scientific management, advanced production technology and rapid after-sales service management system, SHANQI has established a sound market management system and sales network. It has covered 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Mongolia, Mexico and Sudan.

We have reached a strategic cooperation with Ocean University of China to jointly participate in the design and development of Marine power generation technology, joint market research and marketing, project development cooperation, technology and solutions, and successfully complete the field test. Through this cooperation, this will further accelerate the industrialization process and market application of the project.

In line with the national industrial policy, industry development trends, capital market and other aspects, the company's board of directors studied and formulated the layout plan for building the intelligent logistics equipment industry base: It will focus on intelligent crane equipment, intelligent warehouse, intelligent terminal logistics complete equipment and intelligent parking equipment, and connect the big data platform with the intelligent factory system in a bid to actively promote resource integration, element matching, project development and industrial linkage, and build a demonstration base for intelligent logistics equipment manufacturing.

In the context of deepening reform and opening up, under the correct guidance of the Party and government departments at all levels, with the support and cooperation of all sectors of society and partners, We believe that SHANQI will embrace a more perfect future through the continuous efforts of all members of the company.

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