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Operating principle:

● Use of rotary mechanism,Motor drive,Turn all vehicles at the same time to minimize vibration and noise.

● Two car position, can park 8-10 car.

● Flexible operation, using PLC control, only need to operate the key, can be added with credit card function.

● High safety, complete detection device, smooth operation, accurate positioning.

● Flexible setting, can be installed in the living area building space.

Main technical performance parameters

Stop models

D Type


Power motor 


Rotating speed 


Control mode


Mode of operation

Touch screen JC card

Power supply

Three-phase AC 380V 50Hz

Parameter Tables


After-Sale Service

Seriously receive and deal with the quality problems reflected by users, users in the province within 24 hours must be to the site to deal with, outside the province users within 36 hours must make the treatment opinion or to the site to deal with, the provincial offices and factories equipped with professional service personnel on-site tracking services.

v Perfect fast after-sales service team

v Strict quality management system

v Standard Customer Service Management System

v Sound supervision and management mechanism related to customer service

v To provide customers with high-quality and efficient services

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