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12 May, 2017

The project of "Lightweight Technology Development and Application of Bridge Crane" won the second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award

Recently, the 2016 Beijing Science and Technology Award Conference was held in Beijing, with 180 achievements awarded the Beijing Science and Technology Award. Beijing Science and Technology Award has been awarded the second prize in the project of "Lightweight Technology Development and Application of Bridge Crane ", which was completed by the company and the Institute of Design and Research of North Crane and Tsinghua University.

The results belong to the advanced manufacturing field. Results Through the deep research on the key technology of lightweight design of bridge crane, the lightweight series design of bridge crane is completed, and a new generation of bridge crane products with lightweight structure, energy consumption reduction, green process and high safety are formed. The main innovation points are as follows: the design theory and method of narrow beam structure of bridge crane rail box welding track and the structure form of flexible hinged end beam bridge frame; the safety monitoring and management system of three-beam small frame, bridge crane and remote operation and maintenance management platform of three-pillar static support lifting mechanism and rigid-flexible combination are developed for the first time in China; the energy efficiency analysis and evaluation method of lifting machinery are put forward for the first time and relevant standards are formulated; the theory and method of health monitoring and safety evaluation of crane structure are put forward by combining optical fiber technology and acoustic emission technology.

The results were granted 9 patents, published 18 papers and set 4 standards. The achievements have been popularized and applied by Beijing Lifting and Transportation Machinery Design and Research Institute, Shanqi Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., and widely used in transportation and logistics industry, water conservancy and hydropower construction and other pillar industries, which play an important role in economic construction.

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